December Summary

Dec 7:
Pacquiao-dela Hoya fight.
Got to greenbelt at 8am, but NSG was already full so went to Capricciosa
So early... the fight started at past 12 noon.
But it was fun. We had great seats. Pizza was good, too.
And most importantly, Manny won.

Dec 12:
Went to a hearing,
Got a scolding from the judge.
It was totally not my fault.

Dec 14:
Went to Tarlac at Papa Jay's Pad.
Rockband to sawa.
Amazing view.
Lotsa food.

Dec 15:
Western theme OSG Christmas Party
images of Calgary stampede flashing in my head)
The team presented a dance routine, ASG included.
And so did every other teams.

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Dec 19:
Our division’s Christmas party.
Singing, games and a whole lot of prizes.
Did not recognize my boss as he was really “shaking” it.

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Dec 20:
Attended RJ and Dianne’s wedding (Joel’s HS friends from La Salle Antipolo)
The church and the reception venue was amazing.
Loved the photo-booth.
Was not prepared for the unbelievably cold weather.
Got sick afterwards.

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Dec 24:
Travelled to Candelaria Quezon.
Joel took me to the bus station, though.
Had a window seat and a decent, thin guy sat beside me.
So it was a pretty comfy ride.
Still had sore throat so I had lots of water,
Lots of medicines, and lots of candy.

The church was ridiculously crowded during the mass
Slept thru Christmas eve coz I wasn’t really feeling well

Dec 25:
Read the 3rd book of the twilight series.
Went to my other grandmother in the afternoon
Spent time with my really cute 2-year old inaanak.

I don’t have pictures.
I have Christmas issues this year.

Dec 26:
FF Christmas party at the Pots House
Sara looked really really pregnant.

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Dec 29:
Went to Tagaytay with 4D friends.
At bulalo in lightning speed.
Drank coffee before beer.
Pretended we were in another country
Because it was just so friggin cold to be in the Philippines
For more pictures visit Eeza’s multiply site.

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Dec 30:
Went to Cainta to spend the New Year with Joel’s family

Dec 31:
New Year’s Eve at the Pagkatipunans.
I still refuse to touch any form of firecracker or sparkler.