November Summary

Nov 1:
Spent it with Joel’s family, went to South Cemetery to visit his dearly departed relatives.
Said a prayer for my dearly departed relatives
And considering my failure to visit them, I made a sincere wish that they don’t visit me instead.

Nov 7:
Attended Bunny and Jew’s joint birthday celebrations.
Pretended to be civilized and limited myself to drinking red wine.
Did not get drunk though.

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Nov 8:
Attended Chi’s wedding at Folk Arts Theatre. (Yes. The whole theatre was devoted to her wedding.)
Felt like I was attending an awards night instead.
Tambay at the Pots house afterwards, drinking, talking, eating...
Went home at 6am.

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Nov 10:
Was the oath-taking in the OSG.
Parents were invited for the pining ceremony but since mine are a thousand miles away,
Momsy Dev and Joel went on their behalf.

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Nov 16:
Went to the Rihanna and Chris Brown concert
Lots of people, heavy traffic,
and really cool music.

Nov 22:
Verdict – the first Med-Law Party!
Congratulations sisses!

Nov 26:
Watched Twilight.
Nice naman.
I wasn't that disappointed.