January Summary

Jan 1:
Watched School Bukol at Sta. Lucia East

Jan 2:
Had a mani-pedi
Head back to Makati

Jan 3:
FF’s New Year’s Party at Mari’s
The boys played poker, the girls chat up with tyns via YM

It was the last annual meeting of LC at Devanadera residence.
Wine, Cheese, Pizza
And lots of dogs.

Jan 10:
Went out drinking at Attica in A-venue, Makati Ave with 4D friends.
Went to a girlie bar after,
saw half-naked ladies dancing.
Very interesting night indeed.

Jan 14:
Had dinner in Masas for momsy's despedida
Was glad to catch up with some 4D people we haven’t seen in a while.
Drank at Crocodile Grill after.
Same old, same old kulitan.

Jan 17:
Had dinner at momsy’s house before she heads off to the airport
Drank at Good Earth at Rockwell after to celebrate.
Just kidding momsy. We will miss you.
It will be noticeably quiet without you .

Jan 18:
Sunday lunch at the pots house.
Had a bowling tournament via wii.
Boys drank alfonso after.

Jan 24:
Tambay at Mari’s house.
Ate hotdogs and maling with rice.
And menudo...
Gavin finally talked to us.
Slept at Pots’ house.

Jan 28:
Had dinner with a couple of 4D peeps.
Wala lang...

Jan 29:
Ate at Rap near DLSU Taft.
Super sulit steak.Solve at 125pesos

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