Resurrections and Two-week Wedding Preps

So after more than a year of blogging silence…

Here is what’s up with me:
1.) I’ve spent the last 10 months here in Canada;
2.) Joel and I got married.

Here’s how it happened:

There was no romantic dinner, no serenade, no kneeling and no diamond ring. But there was the ‘we-cannot-do-this-long-distance-relationship-forever-so-let’s-get-married-so-you-can-move-here’ conversation. You may think it’s a marriage for convenience. But let me tell you, it was anything BUT convenient - the 2 hours standing up in line to check-in on the airline; the 15 hour flight; the two-week wedding plan. Yup, there wasn’t anything convenient about it at all. But it was hell of a lot of fun.

So this was how I organized my wedding in a little over 14 days:

Day 1 – Applied for our marriage license. We knew the right people so we got priority on the required seminars and we were able to complete the application process in a day – which may actually take 3 days to a week. Now we have to wait 10 business days for it to be released. There goes your 14 days.

Day 10 – Went and visited the Judge and set the date – although a month ago, we already informed her that we want her to officiate the wedding. Bought the wedding rings – depending on the supply, this step can actually take from 30 minutes to 3 months.

Day 11 – Informed and invited 4 (out of six) of our witnesses to attend the wedding - in four days. (It was the shortest wedding notice ever.) And I was informed that I’d need a wedding dress, a reception venue and a honeymoon venue. Shoot. I haven't thought about that.

Day 12 – Went to the beach and got a tan. (Now I think back, we should have gone to the beach after the wedding. I look so dark on the wedding pictures.) Oh. And booked a room for our honeymoon while on the way to the beach.

Day 13 – Met his grandparents and got a pedicure.

Day 14 – Claimed our marriage license. Drove an hour to go to the court to submit it. Made reservation for 20 people for the reception. Spent a mere two hours shopping for my wedding dress and shoes. And thanks to my wonderful witnesses: got a body scrub, a full-body massage, a sumptuous dinner, a Brazilian wax, chocolate body paint and edible panties. Also, informed our remaining 2 witness about the wedding the next day. (I correct myself. This was the shortest wedding notice.)

An hour before the wedding, while on our way to the court house: put on make-up and confirmed booking/reservation for both reception and honeymoon.

Looking back, it was a miracle we actually got through it. Really, this wedding would not have been possible without faith, family, friends and a lot of luck.

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