It's Saturday again and since I've been out and about for the past few weekends, it's time to catch up on my chores.

Which reminded me, my sister's friend once asked her:

"Are chores easier there in Canada?" I knew at once that the answer was not as simple as it seems.

True that dish washing is so much easier here with a dishwasher: you put everything in, add the soap pack, close the door and push some buttons. They then come out dry and all you have to do is put them in the cupboard.

Laundry is way easier too. Put it in, add soap and stuff (if dryer is separate, you might have to transfer) and it comes out dry. All you need to do is fold or hang.

Cleaning the house is not a big task either as things don't get as dusty as they could in the Philippines.

I guess, yes, it is easier here. But come to think of it, in the Philippines, I didn't have chores to do thanks to Ate Lea who cleans, cooks and does the laundry.

So here is my answer to her question: In Canada, chores are easier. In the Philippines, chores are not something I do at all.

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