Fictionally Working as a Freelance Writer

I got it! I got the job that I applied for. Well, it's not really that glamorous. I just get out of my bed and open the computer. No fancy office attire, no lunch outs. But the good thing is: I can do it in my own time. I can choose my possible tasks. I can even choose not to get tasks.

Oh. I don't earn that much yet. The pay's on result basis so until I get the hang of it, I won't be assigned to write on big works. I have to be patient, diligent, hardworking and all that BS. Hehe. I don’t really mind. I know we have to start somewhere.

Actually, all this is new to me. I’m used to the office setting: aching feet, annoying boss, lengthy travel time. So working thru the net seemed so… fictional? I mean I researched, wrote an essay, someone commented, I edited it for approval and passed it. I did my work, I see my earnings (which are meager still) But it still doesn’t feel real. Until those numbers transform to paper bills in my hand, I’d still feel like a bum.

But overall, despite everything, I am not disappointed. I’m extremely happy, and hopeful. This is what I’ve wished for.

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