Saved by Google

I never thought how useful Google was till a few weeks ago.
I mean, I use it for research and all,
but this time I discovered another very practical use for it.

One afternoon, I was working on an order when the phone rang.
It was for me.
She said she got my name and number from the DLSU data base.
She belongs with a company looking for people with business related experience,
and since I graduated with a degree on business management,
she said I'd be a qualified candidate for their project.

She said they were looking for people who could do part time work on their project,
What exactly that project was, she'll discuss on our meeting.
But I could earn 20-30 thousand per month.
I asked how long would that project be, for I would be leaving the country soon.
She said they have an office in Canada, that I could take it there.

Hmm... That got me worried. And her office was in Ortigas, so that added to my hesitation.
But I agreed to meet with her nevertheless.
She gave me her name and number.
She was Pauline Tating.

After that, I continued on working with my paper.
But after a few minutes, I just got this crazy idea to google her name.
To my surprise, there was a number of blogs about her!

Turns out, she has been calling many people already with the same spiel.
And the project was a marketing strategy involving direct selling and networking!
Some of the blogs called her a scammer.
But I'd like to give her the benefit of the doubt.
It may be a legit selling and networking company.

But the thing is, I was never big on selling.
Whether it was legit or not. I do not want to be involved in selling and networking.
So I cancelled my appointment. I would have just waisted my time.

Thanks to Google and my fellow bloggers,
I saved time, money and effort.

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Anna said...

gad, similar thing almost happened to pao too! ortigas rin daw, and they wouldn't give the office's "name." sabay direct selling slash pyramiding again!!!