In my writing job, the process is:
you request for an order, admin approves, and thats the only time you should work on it.
So there are quite a few of my request that have been denied for various reasons.
Ane reason is that someone else requested it who is better qualified,
another reason is that it has been picked by a premium writer.

A premium writer can pick an order without admin approval.
I guess they have already proved their capability and responsibility, so admin trusts them.

I hate it when a premium writer picks an order that I requested.
I feel that he/she just pulled the seniority card on me,
and it has nothing to do with my capacity as a writer.

So since then, I aimed to be a premium writer.
I met deadlines, replied to customers, etc... etc...
Until I came across a difficult client who gave me a really really bad review,
and caused my Reward:-1

After that, I kissed premium writer status goodbye.
I just concentrated on my reward points.

But on April 21, I received a notification,
stating I have been promoted to Premium Status!
Surely, my hard work and patience paid off!
I didn't get a raise or anything monetary,
I just got the privilege of taking orders without admin approval.
And that's really cool...

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