Reward Zero

So I was assigned a paper on animal sociology. I thought: kaya ko to. I’m from law school, studied gender, minorities… Di naman masyadong scientific. And true enough, with a little nose bleed, natapos ko sya.

Then 3 days after nag reklamo yung customer, it was unacceptable daw. I didn’t gave enough analysis, just quoted… blah… blah… Syempre na hurt ako. I’m like miss analyzer kaya! Analyzing is my past time!

So I had to let the order go. I did the best I could in that paper. I didn’t know what else to do. And I’m sorry, hindi ako pupunta sa Manila Zoo para mag observe ng mga unggoy.

Then I was notified that a ‘reward’ was taken from me.

Ganto kasi yun, in the site where I write, may point system in which they’ll base the upgrade of your status as a writer. A point is taken for severe negative feedback and a point given for positive. Since I was new, wala pa kong points. So because of this order, from ‘Reward : 0’ naging ‘Reward : -1’ Ang saklap no?

I got so upset over it that for the next 3 days, di ako makakuha ng bagong order. Feeling ko, I’m incapable of doing anything. So I just put all my energies to the other paper I was working on. Inisip ko nalang na babangon ako at dudurugin kita. Hayup ka, may araw ka rin.

A few days later, I saw the same order. Available na naman sya. Turns out, nag give up yung next writer. Masyado daw picky yung customer. Di maintindihan yung gusto. See! It’s not my fault! So I felt so much better.

Anyway, I got positive feedback from the paper I made while I was upset. Super natuwa sya and I’m his/her favorite writer daw. Whoopee!

So from ‘Reward : -1’ naging ‘Reward : 0’ na ulit. And kanina, naging ‘Reward : 1’ na! yehey!


Anna said...

kainis noh?? dami talaga kups na clients, but there are those who will love you and will keep asking for you again and again and again!!! cash cow right there!

Ako si Ela said...

yah! super kakainis! pero minsan i make usisa some of the available orders na super dami yung mga messages. funny kasi yung mga customer-writer and writer-admin exchanges. shucks ang chismosa ko, i'm sorry. hehe