Weekdays of March

so this is how it goes. every single day:

9am - breakfast while watching 10 year old cheesy cartoons at abs-cbn or Q-tv. I swear, I think abs believes that no one watch them during those hours. They just do whatever they want: repeat the same episode as yesterday, put a different show in the middle of the series... and feel that no one would notice. From Sarah, Cedie, Remi... walang natapos. So I switched to GMA. Doraemon. Kagaguhan in the morning. Sarap. (No, we do not have cable. We have something better: DSL and Utorrent.)

10-ish - mom finishes her daily e-mailing so it's my turn. will be working on orders

1030 to 11 - joel will be online so we will chat a little. lie-low muna on the orders. haven't perfected the art of multi-tasking yet.

1230 - game-ka-na-ba finishes so it's time for lunch.

2pm - work on orders again. joel would probably be in a meeting or will be working too, so I get more things done.

6pm - will either be finished or too tired to work. will chat with joel, shel or mon (depending on their availability) or will surf the net, or write blog entries such as this.

730 - dinner time.

after dinner - hate this time of the day. Faye's turn in the PC so I have NOTHING to do. I'd probably read, watch dvd... but definitely will not do anything useful. my responsible mode only lasts from 10 to 6. no overtime.

it's not much, i know. but i love it. extremely routinary with minimal if not inexistent pressure.


Anna said...

hahaha i like this post! sounds like my kind of day - productive but petix at the same time, hahaha. gawa nga rin ako, hihihi, aliw na aliw ata ako kasi can relate ampotah

Si Ela said...

hahaha! perfect diba? swear,kung di ko lang naiisip na i spent 4 years in law school, i'd like to do this forever. hehe. but NO. i ALWAYS have this nagging feeling na i have to do something more meaningful larger-scheme-of-things-wise.