Ancestry Facts

I went to clan reunion a couple of months ago.
Take note: CLAN REUNION.
Hindi lang ito simpleng family reunion. Clan reunion ito.
Meaning: mas marami kang hindi kilala.

We got there and whoa! Isang barangay ang nag-attend. No, not even. Its more like half of the people in the municipality went. Ibang level sa kadamihan.
At nag motorcade sila ha. As in. Ganon ka dami. Enough mag cause ng traffic sa national highway ng Quezon.

Anyway, what’s interesting are the giveaways. They gave out the blue print of the clan. As in it goes way-way back, mga 10 levels up my grandpa.
Grabe. This is my ancestry. Whoa.

So I discovered:

First, we came from the San Miguel clan pala.
But by some Spanish decree, “natives are prohibited to use the names of saints as their surname” San Miguel became de Gala.
Hamak na INDIO lang pala kami.

Second, the de Gala clan used to (not really sure if they still are) one of the prominent clans in the province. Ergo, the street named after them.
AND there was an exclusive room inside the venue which housed only the richest and elite in the clan. Syempre, kami nasa labas.
Indio na nga, commoner pa. Susmaryosep.

Third, I finally learned the real reason why Gala kami and not de Gala. There were two Marcelino (or it could have been Marcelo, I can’t remember for sure) de Gala in the clan. This caused confusion in the postal service. So because of lost mail matter, one of the Marcelo (or Marcelino) who happens to by my grandpa’s grandpa, took the ‘de’ out. So yun. Kaya kami, ‘Gala’ na lang. Which I think, sounds better.
Syempre, love your own.

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