Our little Embassy Adventure

Starring: Siela Gala, Eeza Ramos

Three years ago in Tagaytay:
Marl: Pare nagtampo nga si Pao nung isang araw eh.
Joel: Bakit naman?
Marl: Di daw namin sinama sa Embassy.
Siela: Bakit nyo kelangan pumunta sa Embassy?
And everyone within earshot broke into laughter.

Apparently then, Embassy was the newest gimmick spot.
And I was clueless.

ANYWAY, a couple of days ago, Monica invited me to her brother’s birthday party at Embassy.
Hmm… Why not? I haven’t been there still. (Surprise, surprise.)

So Eeza and I arrived at around 12 midnight. We texted Monica to meet us outside but no reply.
30 minutes, a million missed calls later, no Monica in sight and Nicky was still on her way.
Shoot, we might have to go inside on our own.

So we gathered our confidence and walked thru the velvet ropes.
We announced our names to the lady who looked at the guest list. Eeza got her stamp, but...

Receptionist #1 (to Siela): Miss wala ka sa guestlist.
Oh no... Syet pano yan?

Called Monica, no answer.
Syet, syet, syet. This is beginning to be embarrassing.

So I looked at my id and got a brilliant idea.

Siela (to Receptionists#1): Miss, Marasigan is not my last name, it’s Gala. Nakita ko kasi sa "M" ka naghahap kanina.
Receptionist#1: Ma’m importante kasi yung last name para malaman naming kung ikaw nga yung nasa guest list.
Siela:I know. Kaya nga, Gala is my last name so can you check again? Ang kulet ha.

Confusing kasi yung id ko. Buo yung middle name. Tas yung Gala nasa baba. (di na kasi kasya sa line) So siguro di nya nakita.

Eventually, she did find my name.

And now that we have our stamps, we got in.
Headed to the VIP lounge, Eeza got in and...

Big Bouncer (to Siela): “miss, di ka pwede dito”
what the F? Not anymore...

So Eeza went out, both of us baffled. We compared our stamps.
Sa kanya VIP, sakin tribal something. Kaya naman pala…
But aren’t we on the same guest list?

We decided to go back to the reception. Syet. Sooo kakahiya na ha.

Siela: Miss, can you check, we’re in the same guest list but we have different stamps. There must be a mistake.
Receptionist#2: (checked the list, got a stamped) ay sori miss ah. (stamped me VIP)

Good Lord! This must be punishment for going out on a holy Wednesday.

SO we finally got in the VIP Lounge. Hmm… Nice naman. But we can’t go past the crowd. Syet.
How on earth will we find Mon?
And my feet's killing me...

Rang Monica, no answer.

We find Nicky with a girl friend. After the introductions:
Nicky: O, where’s mon?
Eeza: can’t find her. Too many people.
Nicky’s friend: You guys want to transfer nalang? Mahal inom dito eh.

Everyone agreed. We head to Piedra.
There goes my first night at emba, I thought.
But I was just so RELIEVED to be out of there to even feel disappointed.

Minutes later, we find ourselves sitting comfortably on the couch, sipping our drinks, bobbing our heads with the music.
Haay… this is better.

We actually had fun that night, Eeza and I.
We met new friends. (Nicky’s friend, Nicky’s other friend, Nicky’s other other friend. Oh and Gino’s friend too. Don’t worry, at the end of the night, I did get to remember their names.)
I drank just enough to get tipsy.
And we danced ourselves silly.

Despite everything that happened earlier, the night turned out to ba a happy night indeed.

Oh! About Monica, she’s fine now. She just got a little drunk that night. Hihi.

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