In celebration of Sara’s first ultrasound and the return of Via (Paul’s almost totally wrecked car) we decided to have a barbeque party.

Nope. Scrap that.

Paul wanted to showcase his barbeque skills so we planned to have a barbeque party. Between the planning and the date of the barbeque, Paul and Sara discovered they’re having a baby. One or two days before the party, Via was released from the talyer. And a couple of hours before the barbeque, Sara had her first ultrasound.

Now that sounds more accurate.

mommy sa and mari at the kitchen


Oh! And Shel was bringing her new/first boyfriend, Luis, to meet us.
It was certainly a day of celebration.
Our FF family has grown. With Joel and Luis, Paul is no longer the only thorn among the roses. (In the days when Paul was the only guy, PSP was his reliable companion. We would girl talk and he would fidget and play with his PSP.)And with the frequent presence of Patrick his brother and Patrick his best friend, the girls no longer outnumber the guys.
Anyway, food was great.
Luis was really nice... and polite. ;)


Poker was fun.
And Sara’s asleep by 12 o’clock,
Paul by 3am. (Sara was awake by then. Made us think they took shifts on us)
Everyone else stayed for breakfast.

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