Zoobic Safari

4D strikes again. They're out on another adventure. Today's conquest: Subic.
At dahil si Pau ay hindi pa nakakakita ng tigers, we went to Zoobic Safari.

hmmm... bakit di sya masyadong mukang masaya....

And because Pau wants to see tigers, we went to the tigers first. It was interesting. Kinda cool actually. If I weren't scared of big animals, I would want a tiger for myself. The first ones we saw were caged. And then we tried the one where we ride the caged jeep. Astig. The tigers jump on the jeep. Mejo scary lng ng onti.

in front of the caged jeep

view from the inside of the jeep

after the tigers, ostrich naman daw. we rode the pick up nalang kasi pwede naman daw yun. Again, Pau hasn't seen an ostrich.

So ang saya namin diba? lahat nasa likod. So fun!
Except when we actually drove thru the ostrich farm. My goodness, nilapitan kami ng ostrich. Nagpanic lahat ng nasa likod. Imagine naman... kung ganon kalaki yung ibong tutuka sayo... Mejo lang ha.

before the attack

After that we went to the crocodile farm. Cool din coz we get to see them attack the dressed chicken. (You buy the chicken, its attached to a pole and you lower it to the crocs)

croc in action

Overall, it was an interesting experience. In fairness, worth the money naman. Sayang lang coz I think we missed yung pwede hawakan na tiger cub.

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