OSG Celebrates with the President

As part of its 107th year anniversary, OSG celebrates in a formal dinner party at the Officer’s Club in Fort Bonifacio. Former Solicitors General were invited as well as other OSG alumna. As its guest of honor, the President of the Philippines herself attended the event. I must admit, I was excited. I’ve never seen PGMA – not up close in person anyway. Will I be awed by her presence?

Unfortunately, if one is a common person, the presence of a very important person like The President is not quite that delighting. On the contrary, super hassle sya.

Everyone must arrive before her but no one can eat before her.
All cameras are inspected and marked.
When she arrives, no one else can enter the venue after her. No one can leave either.
Her food is different, more special and pre-tasted.
She has a huge entourage who must be fed, too.

I know it’s not her fault that these things happen. I’m not complaining either. I’m just amused to see how much complexity is involved just for/in her presence.

Anyway, I wasn’t able to see her up close. I would’ve wanted to shake her hand and maybe take a picture with her. That would’ve been something. When she arrived, people just crowded at her. I didn’t get a chance to squeeze myself nearer.

I was able to see her about 5 meters away. She was really small. While she exudes power, I wasn’t awed. She didn’t really glow. But then again, she’s not Heart Evangelista or Katrina Halili. She’s not a movie star. She’s not required to glow and be radiant.

But even if I wasn’t awed, I was impressed. While I don’t exactly want a high-profile life, I find it very interesting.

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