Destitute no more.

For the past three months I have been living in extreme poverty.
I swear, pag aalis ako, kelangan ko pang humingi sa mommy ko.
Super nakakahiya talaga.

Buti na nga lang, andyan si Joel. He pays for ALL of our dates. He even took me shopping last Christmas.
My sugar daddy. J

Anyway, a few days ago, I got paid!

Of course I had to wait for like a million years for it. May technical difficulties daw kasi. Sabi naman ni mommy, baka daw na-scam na ko. Syet. Wag naman sana. Promise, a little part of me ay natakot.
But then again, it wasn’t a scam. I got paid. It’s not much though, tas andami pang bawas for bank charges.

It’s barya if you compare it to the salary I can get in a law firm.
Pero naman, I don’t have to leave the house. I don’t have to pay for lunch or transpo.

Anyway, the point is, di na ko ma-guiguilty umalis. Coz I don’t have to ask my mommy for money anymore. YEHEY TALAGA!

Oh! The first time na I knew na I had money na, nag flash sa utak ko ang aking shopping list: bikini, shades, eyeliner, bag, wallet, flip-flops…

Whoa. Sa Shopping list ko palang, kulang na yun.


I reminded myself that I don’t need all these stuff.

Haay… swear… I have shopaholic tendencies.

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