First Sunday of April

It was the First Sunday of April, my parents went to a Christian gathering.
Me, I went out to drink.

Actually, we didn't really plan on drinking.
Kaso, mas masarap ang kwentuhan pag nakainom na sina Mari at Paul.
So bumili si Paul ng drinks and chips, tas nag labas si Mari ng popcorn

From left to right: Mari, Shel, Siela and Sara
At the bottom: Red Horse, Microwave Popcorn, V-Cut Potato Chips, red ice tea.

the only thorn among the roses

We called tyns via YM. Bagong gising pa nga sya eh.
Haay… miss her na. Sarap nya kasi i-grill for chismis now-a-days eh.

After a while, Paul invited his friends Patrick and Joms (hope I got the spelling right) over.
We’ve known Patrick for years pero si Joms, nun ko lang nakita.

From left to right: Patrick, Joms and Paul

After ilang bote at ilang games pumasok si Mari sa loob to get something, leaving half a glass of beer.
Etong si Patrick, kinuha yung beer at nilipat sa baso nya.
We warned him. Told him na knowing Mari, kahit na she’s really drunk, she’d notice the beer gone.

Si Mari kasi, she knows her alcohol – what’s in it, and where it went.
Isa sa mga hobby nya eh mag mix ng drinks. As in kina-career nya talaga.
She’s my favorite bartender nga eh, kasi tama lang sa taste mo sya magtimpla. Kung trip mo mejo matapang, yun gagawin nya.
Eh ako, ayoko ng nalalasahan yung alcohol so pag ako yung iinom, lasang candy na.

Anyway, when she came out, the first words that came out of her mouth is: “o asan na yung beer ko?”
And we broke out in laughter. Syet dapat nakipagpustahan ako kay Patrick, baka kumita pa ko.

Well the night ended very well. I was kinda drunk and was laughing at the silliest things.

Sara: First time mo ba uminom since the results came out?
Siela: Yup. (giggles)
Shel: Ahh…

The morning after, I had tons of work and a queasy stomach.
Parusa yun for not going to church on a Sunday, let alone a first Sunday.
Oh my... plus chances of going to hell. hehe.

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