Mari's Poker Party

for the past 10 years,
there has been one event that we,
both my bff's and college friends,
all look forward to:
Mari's birthday party

Any party hosted in the Castillo's residence is famous for two things:
food and booze

i took joel with me for the first time at mari's
i told him, masarap ang food dun.
sabi nya, siguraduhin ko lang daw.

haha. saying 'masarap ang pagkain kina mari' is actually an understatement.
back in college, gusto ko na magpa-ampon sa bahay nila,
para tumaba naman ako.
you see, mari's family is involved in the restaurant/catering business.
and mari's passion is cooking.

so during the party,
simple buffet lang on one corner, mga 4-5 dishes,
pero si joel, amazed.
lahat daw kasi masarap.

true true.
i don't know what's with that house that makes every meal masarap.
swear, kahit lucky-me pancit canton, matatakam ka pag si mari ang nag-serve.

ff family
clockwise: me, sara, mari, paul, miguel, joel, lik and shel
(tyns, we miss you)

with regard to the drinking naman,
kahit anong trip mo,
if you want steady lang or drunk till you drop,
pwede. just remember to take the puke outside.

i remember in college,
hard drinks ang trip ng tao back then.
so ang line up ng drinks: tequila, ginpom...
gagapang ka talaga.

now, nag-mature na kami. beer nalang.
may redhorse or sanmig light depende sa trip mo.

dlsu friends
from left to right: pie, johnsy, me, zette, johnny, tina, joey and mari

oh. and may bagong trip sa castillo household:
complete with the velvet-y round table with cushioned ends.
you'll really get that casino vibe.

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