paul and sara's wedding

the moment we've all been waiting for...
the biggest event of the year...
Paul and Sara's wedding day!!!

the wedding mass was at Nuestra Senora de Gracia Parish.
that's the church in Guadalupe, near Loyola Memorial.
uber nice.

it was really old looking so i love it.
and there were only 2 columns
so although the church wasn't that big,
the aisle was relatively long.
it was the perfect church.
and if sara and paul hadn't gotten married there, i would have.

the bride and groom with their parents.

the reception naman was at The Loft.
It was on the 38th floor of the Manansala in Rockwell.
Mejo na-confused lang ako kasi sabi ng driver "sa ter-ti-et"
So hindi ko lam kung 30th or 38...

the bride and her maids

sara! kami rin penge!

second dance nalang to.
first kasi yung footloose nung gradeschool sila

ready... set...


oh no!

after the reception, we - mari, shel, joel and i
went to the hotel suite with the newlyweds.
ang epal namin no?
well... ganun talaga... we're that close.

so na-postpone ang honeymoon till we had mcdonald's dinner,
and until matapos ang bubble gang on tv.

oh! the suite in makati-shang was really nice.
it even had an office.
it was so nice, we couldn't help it...

congressman pagkatipunan

congressman pagkatipunan at work

congressman pagkatipunan on the phone with the president

congressman and his 'sexy'tary

but my favorite part is the photo booth.
coz i'm really annoyed with photographers who force you to buy your pictures.
so here, they have this booth na mag-pose ka lang 4 times tas they'll print it instantly.
tas ok pa kasi unlimited pictures.
so pila ka lang ng pila for the pictures!

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