Solo Flight

This was my first time ever to fly alone. Naturally, i was scared.
So I took every precaution to make the flight bearable, if not comfortable.
First, I made it a point that my flight schedule did not involve 5 hours waiting time in any airport.
Second, I brought books, magazines and sudoku puzzles.
And third, I only have a handbag as my carry-on.

But no amount of precaution could prepare me for this trip.

The day before I left, my travel agent informed me that flight was moved.
I had to leave 5 hours earlier than scheduled.
This meant that I have to wait for 8 hours in Vancouver airport for my connecting flight.

When I got to Calgary Airport, I found out that I have excess baggage.
The lady at the check-in counter was nice enought to allow me to put away some of my stuff and carry it with me.
So now, I have my handbag and a relatively heavy paper bag.

But all that did not break my spirit. I have my books to keep me entertained.
And my carry-on isn't that much still. I just looked like I went shopping.

But I was sad. I was leaving my family and the city I've fallen in love with.
To keep my emotions intact, I went to the bathroom.
I planned to cry a little there - atleast no one would see me.
While I was inside the cubicle, and tears where ready to fall,
the lady in the next cubicle gave out a nasty fart.
It completely broke my 'emo' moment.
And I had to run out of the bathroom (just in case it's smell is as nasty as it sounded)

I had the most comfortable seat in the plane.
It was on an aisle seat just after the bathroom so I had plenty of legroom.
I love it!

When I arrived in Vancouver, I met a Filipina.
It was her first time in 10 years to go back to the Philippines.
2 minutes after that, we found out that our flight's delayed.
our wait will extend to 9 hours.

We couldn't sleep for the fear of losing our things.
And we couldn't find coffee coz it's midnight and everything is closed.
Good thing that the Twilight book is so entertaining. (yes... plugging...)

with my new friend Wenny

the flight to hongkong was the worst.
it was a 13 hour flight and i sat between a fat smelly caucasian guy
and a really tall asian guy who was blocking the aisle.
intense personal space violation. i barely slept.

The last leg of my trip, in fairness, was better.
Although I had to walk a mile in the hongkong airport (i went out in gate 72 and my connecting flight is at gate3)
I barely felt the wait. (2 hours max)
And i finished Twilight.
In the plane i had legroom again. Plus, the seat beside me was empty.

The flight to Manila was turbulent though.
I had to let out a scream once. Super humiliating!

Anyway, I got through the baggage claiming conveyor and through the immigration unscathe,
It was nice to hear everyone speak in tagalog. Astig!

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