Unveiled: Regina Iustitiae Anniversary Party

Regina Iustitiae have come a long way since Anna, Dev and Pat started it in 2005.
I was part of it's second batch so I pretty much saw how it came to be.
And despite of all the issues within and outside the sorority,
we pulled through.

at one point in time, i almost gave up on the sisterhood.
but i'm so glad i didn't.
coz now i'm super proud to be part of it.
so i guess ganun lang talaga.
there will always be tough times, clashing personalities, and harsh critics.
what matters is how we stick together.
we fight, we forgive, we forget, we even sometimes ignore.
but we never quit on being a sis.

To all the sisses who worked hard to make the party a success, i'm so proud of you!

To my sisses who are taking the bar, especially my batchmates,
goodluck and god bless.
kayang kaya nyo yan!

mike, me, dev and gelo below the sorority logo

me and momsy with batchies maj(top) and ria (bottom)

left to right: pat, nad, me, jelo, mon and ace

mon, gelo, mike and ace

me, papa jay, buns and dev

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treenich said...

i still feel bad na di ako nakapunta sa party!